It’s a new year, and a new Telecom Exchange (TEX) NYC format. TEX is now more selective than ever, with only 150 seats available, to ensure the highest level of participation, collaboration and agenda-setting. C-levels from telecom, tech and content delivery will gather, by invitation-only, to determine the necessary next steps to ensure networks are smarter and safer, and to make top partnerships more meaningful. Act now to secure your seat at the early bird rate. Seats are going quickly, and already pretty limited.

Curious about why decision makers from companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Tata Communications and Cyxtera are interested in attending TEX NYC? Keep reading.

➪ Invitation-Only Event:

To guarantee an executive-level attendee pool where the focus is on what’s next and how we can effectively work together to make a difference. Attendance is reserved only for decision makers.

➪ One-on-One Meetings:

Managed by an easy-to-use online and app meeting matchmaker, to ensure your event ROI. Each attendee can potentially schedule 24+ one-on-one TEX meetings.

➪ Real Networking Intelligence:

PoP locations of all participating service providers are provided in the event app, so you can close a deal knowing you are one cross connect away.

➪ Drive Decision-Making for the Industry:

Three CEO Roundtables provide a major platform for tech, telecom and content thought leaders to deliberate on the top 3-5 ways to collaborate in the next year ahead. The focus is on making a meaningful impact on challenges such as network security, available network infrastructure, and the growth of AI and ways to safeguard our networks. A result of the roundtable discussions is a manifesto with key next steps, which is then distributed to over 450K+ industry peers.

➪ All In One Neutral Room:

Optimal networking without the distracting marketing frills.


And Remember: Because Your Net Worth Depends On Your Network

For more information and to secure your C-level participation at TEX NYC 2018 (pending Board approval), visit: