Does the recent Equifax data breach have you on edge? is here to ease your mind by helping you boost your company’s data defenses.

In recent years, there have been too many cybercrime incidents to name, and the rate and intensity of incidents is unsettling., a multinational provider of cloud, managed infrastructure and network services, wants to make sure your company’s data stays safe despite cyber criminals’ increasingly cunning tactics.

Today, the company launched its newest free eBook, titled “Keep Your Data Safe: The Many Layers of Effective Cybersecurity.” The step-by-step guide to multi-layered network cybersecurity offers guidelines and best practices that businesses can use to combat common threats. If you’re looking for a game plan for building multiple layers of defense to keep your organization’s vital information safe, don’t miss this. Topics covered include:

  • Spam protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Antivirus/anti-malware
  • Application control and IP reputation
  • How to prepare against threats
  • How to respond to an attack
  • New and evolving threats
  • The future of security

“In the modern, digital world we live in, staying vigilant about cybersecurity threats is the cost of doing business,” states Nick Russo, Chief Technical Officer at “At, we offer services that are designed to help combat security concerns, including backup and disaster recovery. We are pleased to share our experience and expertise through this eBook, which offers a variety of strategies to help protect critical data from cyberattacks. This information can be helpful for organizations that need to develop or enhance their multifaceted security plan.”

Click here to download the free eBook today.