Just a few months after the close of the acquisition, I had the opportunity to spend the week with Neutral Tandem and Tinet as they held the first ever global sales meeting in Chicago, IL.

More than 80 employees from sales and management traveled from all over the world to participate in the 3-day meeting, December 14-16th. Both Neutral Tandem and Tinet attended the meeting to learn about growth plans and the company’s goals for 2011 and learn about the combined service offerings.  

Presentation after presentation, my goal was to keep meeting attendees engaged and learning. We held several ice breakers that were fun and allowed members to learn more about each other. On Wednesday evening Neutral Tandem hosted its annual Holiday Party at the House of Blues. All of the Neutral Tandem local employee’s attended and the company raised over $1,500 to donate to the Children’s Memorial Hospital. The night was full of fun competitive games (as we know all sales teams love competition), where fantastic prizes were awarded and of course dancing!

Both groups arrived as individual companies and left as one big family. It was exciting to watch two powerful telecom companies on their journey of becoming one major power house. 

For more information on Neutral Tandem please visit, www.neutraltandem.com.