Headed to ITW in Chicago next week? Or Telecom Exchange in NYC in June? While there are many great strategies to make business connections at these events, there are also many strategies to avoid. Yes NoCheck out our tips of what NOT to do at these upcoming industry events.

Time Monopolization – Don’t miss out on valuable face to face time by trapping potential clients/customers in a scripted sales pitch; they can read the information on your website. Instead use this time to make a real connection. Focus on your company’s success stories. Keep it brief, but not so brief you are simply handing out business cards like party favors.

On the topic of party favors, think strategically about a Parting Gift. Enhance your branding efforts and create a lasting impression by providing a small gift to your top prospects. As a general rule, the item should be no larger than a thumb. If the item does not fit into a pocket it is likely to be left behind at the event.

Follow Up – There are two strategies to avoid when it comes to following up after an event. Aggressive follow up vs. no follow up. Being given a business card is not an invitation to stalk someone. If you don’t hear back after two follow ups, simply trust that you will run into the person at upcoming event, or that they will contact you when there is a legitimate reason to. However, don’t let the networking end at the event, be sure to follow up with prospects shortly after the event. Waiting too long to reach out will decrease your chance of getting a response.

Be preparedEffective networking takes time. Follow the Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared.” Plan out who you want to meet with and what you are going to discuss; remember it should be more than just a scripted sales pitch.  Don’t forget to bring business cards and possibly a small parting gift if appropriate for the event.


For more tips from JSA Events, contact [email protected]. We will make sure you are set up for success before heading out to upcoming industry events. #HappyNetworking