In today’s increasingly competitive market, managed service providers (MSPs) understand that becoming their own VoIP provider is an excellent opportunity for revenue and growth. However, many are stuck reselling voice services from third party providers, which can make it difficult to address end-user needs with agility.

Fortunately, netsapiens’ core UCaaS offering, SNAPsolution, delivers voice and unified communications solutions that service providers can control in a way that maximizes their ROI. Now, the company has announced that its SNAPvantage business support system (BSS) officially integrates with ConnectWise Manage, a business management platform for technology companies. As a result, service providers using ConnectWise can easily add VoIP services to their offerings by combining the powerful capabilities of SNAPsolution and the streamlined automation power of SNAPvantage with the management functionality of ConnectWise.

Essentially, the new SNAPvantage integration bridges the gap between the SNAPsolution platform and ConnectWise. Providers already using the ConnectWise platform to sell managed services can deploy VoIP features to their clients without significantly disrupting the management workflows they are accustomed to. SNAPvantage communicates with both SNAPsolution and ConnectWise in order to streamline the process from start to finish.

“When we decided to make our B/OSS SNAPvantage platform compatible with ConnectWise, our goal was to enable service providers to become a one-stop-shop of VoIP and other managed services for their customers. As a result, it made sense to ensure interoperability between the two products in order to enable more providers to take advantage of the ability to ‘snap’ VoIP into their ConnectWise ecosystem. It’s all a part of our mission to continuously shape our industry for the better.” – Jason Byrne, Vice President of Products and Marketing at netsapiens

To learn more about netsapiens’ SNAPvantage platform and how it integrates with ConnectWise, visit the company’s website at