From startups to the Fortune 1000, today’s companies increasingly rely on a managed service provider’s ability to integrate remote offices and virtual workers into an efficient and expertly-managed unified communications system. This year, the netsapiens team has worked hard to stand above the competition; in addition to rolling out a new, enhanced version of SNAPsolution, the team has worked with its ecosystem partners to add new features like Caller ID service and enhanced CRM integration. Now, netsapiens is ready to deliver what its customers have frequently requested – a new set of customization tools for its existing customer portal called SNAPbuilder.

“We listen to our customers, plain and simple. It’s why our customers choose netsapiens over the competition. SNAPbuilder is just one of many enhancements we’ve made to our customer portal tools over the last year. This is particularly big for us as SNAPbuilder truly takes what is an exceptional portal and user-interface and adds a level of customization and support you just don’t see yet.” – Anand Buch, CEO of netsapiens

What’s included in SNAPbuilder:

The package of tools provides the ability to customize “button” labels, deploy pre-built templates, make bulk edits across templates and build phone directories – all directly from within the existing customer portal. Other enhancements include:

  • Gravatar Integration – Introduces the ability to further customize SNAPmobile Web using Gravatar, a globally-recognized Avatar provider
  • Time of Day Routing for DID – Introduces the ability to route DIDs based on the time of day directly from the DID Inventory edit module within the Portal
  • Ubuntu 16 Support
  • G722 Support for Recording – Calls using the G.722 codec can now be recorded by the Recording Module and automatically converted for storage and playback

What our customers are saying:

“We had been offering VoIP services on a PBXware platform offered by one of netsapiens’ competitors. While it worked okay, it didn’t have the geo-redundancy we required and they simply didn’t have the management tools we needed to best serve our customers. What’s more, we needed a real call center solution and an overall platform and portal that was fully customizable and easy to implement. netsapiens provided all of that and more. Switching to netsapiens was a no-brainer for us.” – Bret Schnitker, VP Operations – Snapcom

“netsapiens is a software driven company and it’s like having our own software team on staff. We have been truly excited about the solution and our ability to do all the things we want to do in the marketplace and then some. We went through an exhaustive search and tested multiple platforms before ultimately deciding on netsapiens.” – Tom Ostacik, Chief Sales Officer Co-Founder, Axxess Networks

“By using netsapiens, we can create a system that users can administer themselves and have a very user-friendly portal that they can manage themselves. It lowers our support burden and allows us to focus on other things like business growth, as well as other feature sets, implementation and improvements.” – Jeff Ogden, General Manager, Spectrum VoIP

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