final logo square - no SNAP no bkgrdRebrand reflects the company’s strong year-over-year growth, technology advancements and customer-centric philosophy

netsapiens announced that it has rebranded and is taking its new look and ‘Unified Experience’ message to key industry events throughout the spring and fall. An important step in the company’s evolution, the rebrand includes a new website that features fluid user navigation and a refreshed ‘Unified Experience’ message that emphasizes the company’s customer-first philosophy, comprehensive and streamlined UC solutions suite.

“We have worked hard to reinforce our identity as Smart Network Application People – a company that creates and delivers the UC and collaboration applications of the future,” states Ken Adams, VP of Marketing and Partnerships for netsapiens. “For us, netsapiens is more than a name; it’s who we are—it’s our commitment to providing our partners with unrivalled UC solutions and service. Our new brand is testimony to our successes, year over year growth and our continued commitment to serving our customers.”

With the launch of the company’s new site and technology enhancements, netsapiens will have an extensive event / conference schedule and is currently setting onsite meetings for the following events.

Schedule a time to meet now: [email protected]

“We’ve developed three priorities as we move through the year: evolve, communicate, and serve,” states Anand Buch, CEO and Co-Founder at netsapiens. “Our new website will allow our clients a closer look inside our innovative communications solutions, services and to get a better understanding of who we are as a company. But nothing beats or can take the place of face-to-face discussion. We look forward to meeting with our existing clients and forging new relationships during our busy travel season.”