The ruling we’ve been waiting for is now in the books: the FCC, in a 3-2 vote today, approved the measure to remove the net neutrality rules it put into effect two years ago, preventing Internet providers from blocking and throttling traffic and offering paid fast lanes.

Specifically, the FCC is removing the rules barring ISPs to block or slow down traffic to online content as well as barring providers from prioritizing their own content. Without these rules in place, many are calling America’s access to the Internet a new Wild West, with the end of the fair and open Internet coming soon.

A classic example being floated around the news headlines today:

“….this means Comcast can’t just choose to slow down a service like Netflix (NFLX) to make its own streaming video service more competitive, nor can it try to squeeze Netflix to pay more money to be part of a so-called internet fast lane.”  Source: CNN Tech

But is this the reality?  And what does this mean to small and large telecom providers alike?  How will this impact data centers and meet-me-room interconnections?  What will be the fallout look like?

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