Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.41.50 AMMRV Communications™, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVC) (“MRV®”) announced today that Lightower Fiber Networks has expanded its footprint of MRV’s OptiSwitch® Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) service demarcation and first mile aggregation platform. This was done to support an increased number of fiber connections and bandwidth-rich services as Lightower grows its service footprint. Lightower utilizes the OptiSwitch platform at the customer premises for the delivery of scalable Carrier Ethernet and metro area transport services. When Lightower looked to expand its network throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Chicago Metro regions, it selected the MRV solution because it features a compact, high-density, low-power design to fit the needs of high-capacity metro networks, and enables automated service provisioning and SLA verification capabilities to guarantee quicker deployment times.  The OptiSwitch portfolio offers carrier-grade solutions to business enterprise customers by supporting business critical applications.

“Lightower is committed to supporting the strict requirements from organizations like financial institutions, healthcare organizations and cloud and content distributors,” said Damon Fortune, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Lightower. “As we grow our network, we will continue to make value and operational excellence a priority while we help our customers ensure optimal application and network performance. Strategic partners allow us to leverage the right network solutions at a competitive price. And, with MRV solutions at the customer premises, we can ensure our customers’ critical data is delivered without latency and at the highest quality.”

Lightower has used the MRV solution for several years to deliver premium Carrier Ethernet services over an all-fiber network that offers the highest fiber density and supports the highest building count of any metro fiber provider in the Northeast. The OptiSwitch platform offers the efficiency, intelligence and reliability that Lightower requires as a leading service provider to thousands of enterprises, including financial institutions, data centers and carriers in some of the nation’s largest cities. MRV’s OptiSwitch platform also helps Lightower optimize its network infrastructure with support for multi-dimensional E-Line, E-Tree and E-Access services, as well as Lightower’s flexible External Network to Network Interface (ENNI) with multiple virtual connections over physical interfaces. This advanced flexibility streamlines connectivity options to critical regional and international landing points and makes interconnection more seamless.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 10.56.25 AMMRV solutions are built to enable service providers, network operators, cloud providers and data centers to do more with less and extend the value of their networks,” said Scott St. John, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Service for MRV Communications. “The intelligent OptiSwitch platform makes it easier for network providers, like Lightower, to expand the reach of their metro fiber and accelerate service deployments while ensuring an outstanding customer experience.”