Websites are the gateway for company news, services and solutions and today MRV did not disappoint with the launch of its brand new website. The new site stresses user-friendly experiences with a focus on key strategic markets and their respective solutions and services. Check it out!

Stylish and optimized for user experience, MRV’s new site introduces an intuitive search function, making it easier to find key solutions, services and downloadable content. Plus, the responsive design detects the screen size of the visitor’s device and adjusts the page layout accordingly to ensure an optimal user experience from any device, whether it be a computer, phone or tablet.  screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-3-25-53-pm

“MRV’s new website reflects the company’s ongoing strategy to focus on key target markets with corresponding, solution-centric metro packet and optical products and services,” stated Zeev Drear, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for MRV. “The new website was designed to improve the overall digital experience when delivering essential online information to our customers, partners and industry prospects.”

Visitors can be informed of industry and company news via MRV’s LightNews Blog. The blog contains thought leadership insights, breaking MRV news, featured products guides, newsletters, upcoming events and much more

screen-shot-2016-09-06-at-3-26-14-pmVisit the new website to learn more about MRV’s solutions and service at To sign up for MRV RSS feeds, visit