MEF-LSO-Hackathon-ButtonMore exciting news for the upcoming event, GEN15. The MEF announces today that it will host the industry’s first LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Hackathon at the global GEN15 conference being held on 16-19 November 2015 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. Supported by Cisco DevNet, the LSO Hackathon will bring together Open Source community developers and Carrier Ethernet services networking experts to collaborate and develop solutions based on MEF specifications in order to accelerate the implementation of agile, assured, and orchestrated Third Network services.

You may be wondering what is the LSO Hackathon is and the reason for adding this to the networking event. We are here to help! Below we have listed out the must-know, fast facts for you.

LSO Hackathon Objectives

MEF-LSO-Lifecycle-Service-OrchestrationThe key objectives of the first LSO Hackathon are to develop and implement:

  • APIs (Application Program Interfaces) based on the emerging LSO Presto API framework.
  • OpenDaylight SDN controller plugins to support LSO Presto APIs.
  • LSO orchestration solutions, including a prototype LSO Orchestrator with a GUI that is oriented around CE 2.0 service orchestration.
  • These first LSO Hackathon objectives are based on the contributions and projects being led by Cablelabs and CenturyLink, two very active participants in the MEF.

Hackathon Schedule

The LSO Hackathon will take place during 16-18 November alongside the main GEN15 conference.

  • Monday, 16 November:  Preparatory workshop
  • Tuesday, 17 November – Wednesday, 18 November:  Coding and collaboration


Hackathon Participation & Registration

There are 50 open seats for qualified experts to participate in the LSO Hackathon. The recommended background for participants include one or more of the following:

  • OpenDaylight or OPNFV community members / contributors
  • Software developers from service providers and technology vendors
  • Network engineers, architects, designers, etc. from service providers
  • MEF specification contributors
  • MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (MEF-CECPs).


To get more information about this unique event, see the MEF’s LSO Hackathon Wiki space. To register for free participation (subject to space availability) in the LSO Hackathon, click here.