Happy 10th birthday to Maven Wave! As a leading consultant in the IT space and an award-winning Google Cloud Premier Partner, Maven Wave helps companies harness the cloud to best utilize data-driven strategy, which – as you know – is a key component of a modern-day enterprises success.

Over the past decade, enterprises have witnessed the remarkable shift to a consumer-based approach that is embedded into rapid technological advancement on a global scale. Maven Wave “saw the wave” coming, pun intended. And since 2015 the company has experienced exponential growth.

Maven Wave anticipates growth to proceed at a pace of over 70% this year, reaching revenues north of $85 million for 2018.

Ten years ago, when Maven Wave was founded by current partners Jeff Lee, Jason Lee, and Brian Farrar, there were only glimmers of digital transformation happening across the enterprise space. Cloud adoption was slow, and data’s potential to change the business landscape was not fully realized. But as industry veteran consultants, they saw promise in not only implementing, but laying the foundation for, change management across larger companies that tend to be a bottleneck for innovation.

Fast forward to today and Gartner predicts that 85% of a customer’s relationship with an enterprise will take place without human interaction by 2020.

“Disruption is happening all around us,” comments Jeff Lee. “We are at a time where agile startups can come in and take over an industry in a matter of years, and these larger organizations need all the help they can get to stay competitive and relevant. Value and assets come a long way, but without embracing new technology, and the continuous hurdles that often come with it, many of these big guys will get lost in the shuffle. That’s why Maven Wave serves as the ideal partner – we know how to maneuver and adapt, and, importantly, we know how to execute on a large scale.”

To read more about Maven Wave, the solutions it offers, and its many client success stories, please visit www.mavenwave.com.

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