Hibernia Networks is making waves today as it announced its Protected Wavelength Service across the Atlantic at ITW 2016. The service leverages Hibernia Networks’ unique route diversity in the transatlantic corridor to deliver highly resilient, low latency connectivity between North America and Europe. The Protected Wavelength Service is available on the company’s three transatlantic routes, including Hibernia North, Hibernia South and the newest system, Hibernia Express.Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 2.20.51 PM

“Network reliability continues to ever-increasingly be a top priority for all customers across all vertical segments,” states Al DiGabriele, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Hibernia Networks. “Our team is constantly working towards engineering new solutions that address the pain points of our global customer base. The new Protected Wavelength Service provides customers with a secure, resilient and redundant connectivity solution to enable their business critical applications, giving them peace of mind that their network is running uninterrupted.”

The Protected Wavelength Service is available at 10 Gbps, however has the capability to add 100Gbps service in the future. Hibernia Networks’ Wavelength Services are ideal for those seeking highly scalable, secure and redundant high-speed connectivity. By utilizing its three diverse subsea cable routes, the Protected Wavelength Service offers less than 50ms failover switching to a fully dedicated alternative circuit. The result is uninterrupted network connectivity, allowing customers to avoid costly network downtime, thanks to enhanced security through diversity.

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