Southern Telecom, Inc.’s conduit system offers 12 route miles throughout downtown Atlanta utilizing former steam ducts

Southern Telecom, Inc. (STI) is presently undergoing a substantial conduit project in downtown Atlanta for a major telecom carrier hotel. The project takes advantage of STI’s unique and secure infrastructure that utilizes cast iron pipes beneath the streets of Atlanta. This infrastructure comprises 12 route miles throughout the city’s business district and is currently used for both STI’s fiber and conduit.

The diversity and security that STI’s infrastructure provides is very valuable to the carrier hotel customer and proved to be a cost-effective solution for its expansion plans. A customer sought to expand into an additional facility and leased multiple conduits in a diverse ring from STI. The customer had STI pull fiber through one of the conduits to create an extended cross connect between their two facilities. As the new carrier hotel location fills with more tenants, the customer will ask STI to pull in additional cables using the same process to create additional capacity.

Southern Telecom markets or owns more than 2,600 route miles in the Southeast, which is anchored by this robust conduit and dark fiber metro network in Atlanta.

“STI’s 12 route miles in downtown Atlanta are very unique, as they utilize an extensive cast iron pipe system. This unique system creates an additional level of security for our clients as our dark fiber and conduits have an added layer of protection versus being direct buried,” comments Barry Navarre, Business Development Manager for STI. “Our existing system provided a turnkey and cost-effective solution for this telecom carrier hotel when it was seeking to expand into an additional building.”

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