Sidera Networks introduces Low Latency in Every Industry, a white paper that examines the importance of low-latency across education, healthcare, media, government and legal fields. In the past low latency was considered solely important to financial services. Today, 88% of IT decision makers across industries cite low latency as one of the most important qualities of their network.

Low latency has become an area of focus, as customers’ applications require more efficient network connectivity and speed has become a network “must have.” Educational institutions are utilizing high-speed networking solutions to leverage innovative technologies, such as video conferencing, live-streaming, and e-learning platforms. The healthcare industry requires high-speed networks to ensure optimal performance of critical applications for mobile equipment that can vastly improve quality of care. Those in media and government require fast and efficient networks to meet deadlines and gain access to real time information, while the legal industry’s focus is on high capacity networks to ensure uninterrupted access to data at all times.

Low latency requirements for the education, healthcare, media, government and legal industries all depend on the same foundation, the ability to design a network tailored to client’s requirements. To ensure your network is ideally suited to support your business needs and to download the complete white paper, click here. For more information about Sidera Networks, please visit