As breakthroughs in eMedicine change the medical and patient care landscape for the better, Lightower Fiber Networks announces its commitment to providing best-in-class network solutions that support, sustain and grow these technological innovations.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan report titled Healthcare and Medical Device Connectivity and Interoperability, healthcare trends are moving towards personalized medicine that revolves around a more customized care model. With this model, the analyst firm predicts connected healthcare infrastructure to be binding force that enables collaboration within the medical sector. Frost & Sullivan also acknowledged hospitals’ need for connected devices and IT solutions for centralized monitoring and real-time data analysis. In short, trends in patient care are swaying towards the need of collaboration through connected devices and swift data analysis. Due to this, limitless and secure network solutions must be in place to support massive amounts of traffic. That is where Lightower comes in. secondimage-10

Lightower can custom-design an all-fiber network that provides diverse, secure, and redundant connectivity everywhere it is needed with connections from 10 MBPS to 100 GBPS.  As the Strategic Network Partner of a healthcare organization, Lightower offers long-term network planning to stay ahead of ever increasing bandwidth demands and ever expanding service locations. With the company’s custom and scalable network services, doctors and patients have access to an endless supply of advanced eHealth applications and data, securely, and on-demand, throughout the medical ecosystem of care provider offices, hospitals, imaging facilities, data centers, health information exchanges, and other facilities, both locally and regionally.

“Network performance and capacity are critical dependencies for the roll out of advanced health care technologies,” commented Rob Shanahan, CEO of Lightower. “As health care organizations grow in size and utilize advanced technologies for expanding patient care, Lightower will be there to build and manage the networks needed for those applications.  Lightower’s Limitless Networks already successfully power more than 250 of the nation’s leading health care organizations. Providers can be confident knowing that their organization is running on a reliable and secure network, so that they can focus on what really matters, patient care.”

Lightower’s complete suite of all-fiber solutions is available to healthcare organizations of all sizes. For more information on what Lightower delivers for health care providers, please visit

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