Lightower Data Center imageLightower Fiber Networks announced today that is has acquired ColocationZone – an enterprise-class data center provider in Chicago. ColocationZone is located in the 725 South Wells data center in downtown Chicago, on the South Loop of the city’s Central Business District.  Lightower will also be taking over operations of the Meet Me Room for the entire 725 South Wells facility owned by Digital Capital Partners, LLC.

In 2014, Lightower completed an expansion of their all-fiber network throughout downtown and greater Chicago.  The Lightower Network is now connected to nearly all major Chicago data centers and financial exchanges, allowing Lightower to network customers to critical resources across the region. Lightower also offers all-fiber networking throughout downtown Chicago, as well as in the surrounding areas, including Elk Grove, Aurora, Skokie, and areas in between.

The acquisition will continue to offer enterprise-class data center space with scalable options for cages and cabinets.  This state-of-the-art facility now offers access to nine telecommunications carriers, in addition to connectivity on Lightower’s all-fiber network.
ColocationZone“ColocationZone’s facility in the downtown business district is a great fit for Lightower as we continue to expand in, and invest in, the Chicago market,” stated Lightower CEO and President Rob Shanahan. “Demand for enterprise-class data center services continues to grow in the Chicago market and 725 South Wells provides a perfect alternative to the 350 E. Cermak Road facility. This acquisition also allows us to complement a customer’s data center needs with Lightower’s high capacity network services for enterprises, cloud, content, and carrier customers in the region.”

Additionally, the 725 South Wells facility offers direct fiber connectivity to the data center at 350 E Cermak, for organizations requiring low latency links between the two locations.

“We are pleased to welcome Lightower to our facility and look forward to working with them to provide our current and future customers with the best connectivity available in downtown Chicago,” said Christopher Jensen, Managing Partner of Digital Capital Partners, LLC.

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