While the summer may be a time of relaxation for some, this is not the case for Lexent Metro Connect. Lexent, a leading provider of dark fiber networks in the New York Metro area, has used this summer to continue diligently working on expanding their network. Already this year, Lexent has expanded into a number of key carrier hotels in and around New Jersey and New York City including their latest build outs – a riser cable at 300 Boulevard East connecting Savvis and Telx and a fiber pull into 4 Worlds Financial. These expansions are a direct response to the growing demands from Lexent’s customers.

As a dark fiber provider that owns, operates, builds and maintains their own fiber primarily in-house, Lexent is committed to providing their customers with access to the networks they need. Whether it is a surge in Chicago based financials firms utilizing dark fiber routes in New Jersey and New York or a new route in the New York Metro area, Lexent is listening to their customers and delivering. As the summer comes to an end, Lexent looks to a fall fueled by the same customer-driven expansion which has been present in the first half of 2010.

For more information on Lexent Metro Connect, visit www.lexent.net.