The question we are continuously asked here at JSA is, “Is social media really that important?” – and the answer to that is YES. In fact, the answer to that will never be no. Why? Well for starters, did you know that there are 1 million new active social mobile users every day? That’s about 12 each second… go ahead and let that sink in.Michael Jackson

Nowadays, it seems as if everywhere you turn you’re hearing about how important it is to amplify your social reach and to engage your followers. It’s all about attracting those leads, right?! That being said, this blog post will leave you with key tactics you should keep in your back pocket as you grow your social reach and as Michael Jackson once sang, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Sharing is Caring

Start by putting social buttons on your website and ALL of your collateral and other marketing materials. Ensure that the share and follow buttons are also clearly visible on the mobile version of your site. Chances are, the people who are viewing your site are doing so from their mobile device, due to 80% of people using their mobile device to search the web. This will allow people to share your content, and opt in to follow you on your various social outlets.

Content, Content, Content!

Content will always be your building block, and if you don’t have high quality content to lead your audience to, then you don’t have much. You want people to stop and take notice, so they share and have their friends take notice, too. Which means you should tailor your content to the social network you’re using – and the audience you are seeking to attract. Your Twitter posts should be short and sweet, whereas on Facebook or LinkedIn, you have a little more room to express yourself by adding a photo or a link.


One of the best ways to receive the most exposure on your various social outlets is to engage with your followers and start building relationships. Posts with the most engagement receive the most exposure, which will not Interactiononly increase your visibility but could potentially increase the odds a lead will engage on your post. It can be as simple as retweeting someone new on Twitter, sharing an interesting Facebook update, or even engaging in a discussion within a LinkedIn group. We’ve discovered thanking your new followers each week or wishing your current ones a happy Friday is a great way to stay engaged and to show you are aware of your new friends!


We cannot stress enough how important it is to have visuals. It not only draws attention to your posts but Simply Measured reports that visual content caused a 65% increase in engagement, and we’ve already discussed how increased engagement means increased visibility. So the next time you go to tweet, think twice before posting without an eye catching photo attached. It might very well be the post that gets you that lead you’ve been waiting for.

In closing, the key points to walk away with are: don’t forget to make it simple for leads to find your social sites; make sure your content is relevant to your audience AND social outlet; it’s OKAY to talk to your followers – in fact they prefer if you do; and make sure you include some sort of visual content. Last but not least, have fun with it and remember, it really is simple!

You Can!