JSA - Lead Gen

We all need new leads to keep our businesses thriving. And not just any cold leads, but warm, qualified and targeted leads.

JSA believes in the ‘1-2 punch’ strategy: outbound + inbound communications to increase and nurture your lead generation. Complement your news with a developed inbound marketing strategy, where JSA can:

  • Lead-Generation-Campaign-Example-JSA (1)Track your Google searches and identify web visitors
  • Create landing pages with your new or existing gated material (like video, case studies or eBooks) that lure new leads to you
  • Manage your ‘drip campaigns’ where automatic emails are sent several days later, based on lead behavior and interest
  • Segment and grow your smart lead lists
  • Deliver the Marketing Qualified Leads (as determined by your lead score), to your sales team manager
We leverage either our clients’ or our own marketing automation software platforms to ensure connected, smart marketing that can be seamlessly tied into your CRM tool in-house, clearly identifying, nurturing and engaging prospects, priming them to be educated sales leads.
“JSA’s lead generation campaign services are designed to drive quantitative results and quality leads for our clients, targeting specific markets and buyer personas, and helping them successfully nurture these leads to grow their sales pipeline,” states Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO and Founder of JSA. “Our experienced and well-trained JSA team works with our clients to enhance their news with a well-planned inbound marketing strategy, supported by a steady flow of relevant content in order to connect their businesses to potential customers’ pain points.”
JSA team members are qualified inbound marketing gurus, capable of building intelligent workflows in several highly-recommended platforms, such as HubSpot, SharpSpring, Pardot and more.
“Companies are becoming more savvy with their digital marketing practices, and in turn, demand considerably higher ROI on their investment,” continues Cutaia. “JSA continues to stay one step ahead of these digital marketing trends, delivering comprehensive and innovative outreach and brand awareness services, in order to help our clients achieve this ROI.”
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