Cyber AttackHere is a nightmare scenario for any company: You get hacked! All of your customers’ precious data (identities, transactions,  purchase information, addresses, classified corporate information, etc.) is up for grabs and could be in the hands of some dangerous people.

Luckily, ViaWest has announced the launch of a new webinar series focused on IT security that will teach companies how they can thwart data breaches. The webinar is called ‘The State of Corporate Security: How to Survive in the Age of Cyberattacks’ and will address security topics relevant to the energy, financial services, SaaS providers, and e-commerce retail industries. Participants will learn about a variety of security-related topics including: security developments during the past year; IT infrastructure protection; costs associated with a data breach; common missteps to avoid and best practices. ViaWest’s next webinar will take place on June 10, 2015 at 11am MDT. To register for the webinar, please click here.

The webinar features Phil Bice, Security Specialist from BAE Systems, a global defense, aerospace and security company, and Scott Young, Solutions Engineer from ViaWest. Attendees will learn about the current state of security; unique threats to the oil, gas and energy industry; who targets oil and gas companies and how they do it; actions to stay more secure; and how to implement a framework for security for your business.

Newsweek reported that the number of cyberattacks per day will be in the six-figure range in 2015, and as reported by Ponemon Institute, it costs small companies with less than 100 employees $3.5 million to recover from a cyberattack. ViaWest collaborates with clients and offers a full portfolio of security services and products built to assist with business protection, address the ever-changing threat landscape, and gain peace of mind knowing their IT infrastructure is in an environment engineered for security.

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