Courtney with her husband, Brian, in Costa Rica.

Courtney Burrows wanted to work for the “best of the best” in the public relations world. So, when she found out JSA was hiring, she jumped at the chance. Since then, she has never looked back.

As an Account Director, Courtney is a natural leader with an eye for quality and detail. She said she enjoys the fact that her entire JSA family shares that mentality.

“JSA truly attracts the best of the best within the public relations, marketing, design and events industry and it is such a pleasure to work with such an amazing level of talent everyday,” she says.

When she’s not working on the latest PR campaign, she can often be found in the kitchen or on the road as both a cooking and travel enthusiast. Read the below Q and A with Courtney to learn more about her many interests and talents.

What projects get you the most excited?
I really enjoy developing and executing big product launches. There are so many fantastic marketing and PR layers that go into big announcements and I really enjoy all the planning leading up to the launch. These types of projects tend to bring out my creative edge, too – how can we make the biggest impact and make this launch memorable? What can we do to drive sales? What opportunities are out there that we can jump on?

What is the most interesting thing about working in the telecom industry?
Learning about all the technology that is on the horizon. I am constantly amazed by what the telecom industry is doing now and has planned in the near future. I love hearing from my clients about what they are working on to push the limits of technology.

Besides rocking it in the PR World, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
When not planning the next big PR campaign you can find me in the kitchen cooking up my favorite recipes, hitting the mat at the yoga studio, practicing photography or dreaming about my next travels.

You recently moved to Atlanta – what do you like most about the city?
We moved to Atlanta due to my husband’s job since it is such a major telecom hub. I have enjoyed the rolling hills and greenery – very different than my longtime home in Florida!

You recently moved to Atlanta – what do you like least about the city? The traffic. right? It has to be the traffic.
Gosh, yes. The traffic in Atlanta is a nightmare! I could also do without the thick layer of yellow pollen that is covering everything outside this time of year!

Who are some of your favorite musicians/bands/singers?
Growing up in Key West, I became a big Jimmy Buffet fan at a very early age. I’ve also always been a major Beatles fan – they were truly so revolutionary. My contemporary tastes are in the country realm.

Do you work with music on or off?
Off. I work in complete silence, which would probably drive others completely crazy!

What is your favorite type of restaurant?
It is horrible to ask a foodie to just “pick one.” But to narrow it all down – a great seafood restaurant with a seaside view. Can you tell I am from Florida?

What is your favorite dish at said type of restaurant?
There can’t be just one – let’s start with oysters on the half shell with some peel-and-eat shrimp. Entrée would be yellow tail snapper. Dessert would be key lime pie – preferably from the oldest restaurant in Key West, Pepe’s Café.

What, if any, is the best thing you cook at home?
I really enjoy cooking from scratch and tend to focus on a lot of Italian, Cuban and seafood dishes. I’ve been told my osso buco is especially good.

If you won $1 million, what would be the first thing you did?
Call my family to tell them the news!!

What is your favorite movie or, if you can’t pick one, what is your Top 3?
All time most amazing movie of all time? Gone With the Wind. How were they able to create such a masterpiece in 1939?

Favorite actor?
Tom Hanks – who doesn’t like that guy? So talented.

Favorite actress?
Jennifer Aniston. What was Brad Pitt thinking?

If you could visit one place, where would it be and why?
I love to travel and have a long list of places I want to go someday – but if I had to pick just one place to visit, it would be to go back to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and be surrounded by the stunning, untouched rainforest.

Who would you take with you?
My husband – aka “my best friend that I drive nuts every day.”

Road trip or plane?
A plane will get you there faster, but there is definitely something to say about a good road trip. One of the prettiest in the country is driving from South Florida down the Keys to Key West. Add that one to your bucket list!