Sometimes, it truly is a small world. Carly Smith just recently joined JSA, but her connections to others at the company go way back. For example – last year she starred in a play called, “Rabbit Hole,” opposite JSA Account Director Dean Perrine, directed by the father of JSA Account Director Matt Pera. What are the odds?! When a job became opened at JSA, she reached out to Dean and the rest is history. Now she is part of the JSA family and we couldn’t be more excited.

Carly with husband, Ryan, dressed to the nines at a theatre gala.

Carly with husband, Ryan, dressed to the nines at a theatre gala.

Carly might be brand new to the company, but she is already making an impact, showing a passion for the job and the telecom industry while learning on the fly. She is enthusiastically taking on new projects, and has definitely already earned her True JSAer Badge.

As an Account Coordinator, Carly manages the day-to-day logistics for several of our clients, keeping tabs on social media, metrics, awards, events and speaking opportunities, to name a few. Her true talents and passion lie in the realm of video. She has started developing new and exciting ideas for the JSATV department and she is eager to continue to grow her role as an asset both behind and in front of the camera.

She might have just started at JSA, but we feel like we’ve known her forever. And some of us actually have! Take a look at the Q and A below to learn about the latest talented PR professional to join the JSA team.

How long have you worked at JSA?
It seems like just yesterday I started at JSA but in reality I’m starting my 2nd week ;)

What attracted you to the job?
First of all, my fellow JSAers. Jaymie has collected a fabulous group of people to work with. I already feel right at home. Second of all, the opportunity to contribute to the JSA video department. Video is my lifeblood. Whether in-front of the camera or behind it I’m in my happy place on set.

Being fairly new, what are some of your favorite aspects of working for JSA?
The job is what I make of it. I could make this a regular 9-5 where I just look forward to clocking out. I’m not interested in that at all. At JSA new ideas and concepts are not only welcomed but they’re encouraged.

What projects get you the most excited?
Besides video I love tracking the success of projects. I hate math but for some reason campaign analytics bring out my competitive side and I’m always looking to beat my last highest score. Marketing is like a game and trying new strategies is always exciting!

What is the most interesting thing about working in the telecom industry?
Learning more about the industry. We’re all guilty of taking for granted our access to Internet based services. When Twitter is overloaded there is a worldwide public outcry! Heck, I can’t go a day without my smartphone; when it wasn’t that long ago smartphones didn’t even exist. Learning more about the vast and complicated infrastructure our clients put in place to make all our lives easier has been eye-opening.

Carly (second from right) performing in a production of "Rabbit Hole," with JSA Account Director Dean Perrine (far left).

Carly (second from right) performing in a production of “Rabbit Hole,” with JSA Account Director Dean Perrine (far left).

Besides rocking it in the PR World, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
When I’m not at work you can find me at the Indiana Dunes, binge watching The Simpsons with my husband, or playing with my two dogs Bella and Trix (real Harry Potter fans…see anything special there?). I also participate in local theater. I’ve even worked with fellow JSAer Dean Perrine when we were both cast in Rabbit Hole. He was an absolute rockstar!

You’re from NWI – what do you like most about the region?
I grew up in a very small town in NE Indiana. After moving here for school I was drawn to the movers and shakers in the community and never left. There are so many people dedicated to preserving the dunes, expanding trails and making our downtowns more functional. It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by people who care as much about your community as you do. Corny…I know.

Who are some of your favorite musicians/bands/singers?
I’m a lifelong Britney Spears fan and proud! Lady Gaga has to be tops for me though. Her voice is out of this world and, unlike Britney, she sings live. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

When I’m not wasting my brainpower on pop music I turn it over to the indie channel where I gain back a little self-respect.

Do you work with music on or off?
I work in complete silence. No music, no background noise. My thoughts keep me company.

What is your favorite type of restaurant?
I love local Americana type restaurants. They get bonus points if the servers remember my name and order. I have two places I frequent that call my order back when I walk in the door!

What is your favorite dish at said type of restaurant?
I usually go for a hearty salad or a veggie sandwich. Don’t forget the unsweetened iced tea!

What, if any, is the best thing you cook at home?
It’s not really cooking but guacamole. It’s a crowd favorite and an easy something to whip up!

If you won $1 million, what would be the first thing you did?
Cash it out in pennies and put it in a swimming pool only to realize diving into it would be certain death.

What is your favorite movie or, if you can’t pick one, what is your Top 3?
I’m really noncommittal when it comes to picking favorites…so I’m just not going to. I will watch anything that doesn’t involve gore or scaring me to death. Bring on the romantic comedies, indie films, hollywood blockbusters, mysteries, documentaries…anything really! Getting lost in a story is one of the best feelings. If a film does that I’m happy.

Favorite actor?
My flavor of the month is Chris Pratt because of obvious, gorgeous, reasons. However, my longterm is Tom Hanks. If I have children he is going to receive notice that he is their godfather and he better step up!

Favorite actress?
Emma Thompson can do no wrong in my book. Kate Winslet is right up there too. Don’t forget J. Law’s budding empire. That girl knows how to play the game and I love it!

If you could visit one place, where would it be and why?
Sweden.  My husband descends from a long line of Swedes and we can’t wait to visit his family’s village and party in Stockholm.

Road trip or plane?
Plane, always. I’m a terrible co-pilot on road trips. You’ve all been warned!