A 2013 snapshot look at human/bot traffic distribution across the web, courtesy of Forensiq

It’s all over the news today — with the ubiquity of the internet, increased online usage across all demographics and the rapid advancement of social network usage, online crime that uses computer networks or devices to perform fraud and identity theft is continually on this rise.

Thankfully, in response to these types of cyber crimes, there are companies offering new technologies to combat these issues. And Forensiq, an advertising technology company that provides solutions that help eliminate online ad fraud and protect brand identity, and new customer of NYI, is one of them. With a suite of fraud detection services for online advertisers, marketers and a strong focus on supporting the advertising technology ecosystem, Forensiq promotes web transparency by monitoring the quality of traffic that is visiting websites and viewing online ads.

“By migrating our IT infrastructure to NYI, we positively impacted our ability to scale, which helped spur tremendous growth for our company. With NYI, we now have an extremely reliable platform, which is key to handling huge volumes of data. NYI has become a flexible and reliable partner which makes our IT and business goals easier to accomplish,” comments Matthew Vella, CTO for Forensiq.

“Millions of companies rely on Internet advertising to promote their offerings, and as with anything that has big potential there is also high probability for fraud,” adds Mark Ward, Director of Business Development at NYI. “Forensiq helps online marketers combat fraud and assures their marketing dollars are well spent and campaigns are not subject to abuse. Our team worked closely with Forensiq to design a customized solution based on current traffic volumes, but also provides flexibility and future-proofing.”

NYI’s New Jersey data center is located at 999 Frontier Road in Bridgewater and is engineered for high reliability with N+1 configurations for its power, cooling, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems.

For more information about NYI, visit www.nyi.net.