Colo Atl, a provider of colocation, data center and interconnection solutions, announced the formal rebranding of JT Communications as Colo Atl, a JT Communications company.

Got that part? Good. Some things to know…

Colo Atl is my client. Its owner, Tim Kiser, is my friend – and will be yours the first time you meet him. While extremely valuable, its services are not unique. While praised by customers, its solutions are not “bleeding edge” or “cutting edge” or “edge of the universe” or any other over-used industry cliches. No, Colo Atl is best described using the same words you might use to characterize the lifelong family doctor. Or, frankly, how you might describe a friend. And it’s how I’d characterize Colo Atl. A few other words I’d use to describe Colo Atl:

• Fair
• Honest
• Proud & Patriotic
• Hard working
• Friendly
• No-nonsense
• Affordable
• Genuinely concerned for your bottom line

It’s unfortunate that these aren’t the words we typically see in the tech or telecom industry, because in my opinion they say so much more than “best in class” or “industry leading.” They say “thank you” for your business, we’ll do everything we can to keep it. That’s Colo Atl! Yes, Colo Atl has an amazing facility located in the perfect spot that enables affordable global interconnection – but it comes with all the familiarity and care of an old friend!
Here’s what the owner, Tim, had to say…

“Our new brand is an important step in our evolution into a premier company and signifies a commitment to our current and potential customers. The name ’Colo Atl’ reflects our no-nonsense approach to provide colocation, data center & interconnection services in Atlanta, Georgia. We have exceptional customer support and affordable rates, which are very important factors in deciding where to locate your telecom or enterprise facilities. At Colo Atl, you will receive personal attention from me, the owner, and my staff.”
Don’t believe him? Call him! No, seriously, call him.

For more information about Colo Atl, call Tim or visit the updated site at or write [email protected]