earth-dayC-Level Executives from, Purdue University Northwest, the Cognitive Consortium and NIWA to speak on “Technology and the Environment – The Future of Sustainability”– Live Simulcast on Wednesday, December 14 at 11:30 AM EST 

It’s time! Our Virtual CEO Roundtable installment, “Technology and the Environment – The Future of Sustainability” will webcast live on Wednesday, December 14 at 11:30 AM EDT.

Michael Goodenough, Digital Transformation Officer of, will moderate and lead the discussion between panelists: Mont Handley – Associate Director -Commercialization & Manufacturing Excellence Center – Purdue University Northwest; Zachary Damato – COO – NIWA; and Dawn Riziti, Co-Founder of the Cognitive Consortium.

“Our environment is something we learn more about every day,” states Goodenough. “This knowledge is coming from the use of technology to help us understand its infinite complexities. With the dawn of the cognitive era, our tools have now evolved to meet our demand to know the answers to the most complex questions about our environment. These panelists are the future-makers; using technology as boundary breakers. They are our foundation of the future; creating the ability to go where no life form has gone before – while caring for the sustainability of where we are today. I’m really looking forward to unpacking this subject on JSA TV.”

This roundtable will explore the rise in clean living and overall environmental awareness. It will detail many of the technological advances that are shaping how we live and how technology has become a revolutionary partner in future sustainability. Further, this roundtable will detail many of the technological advances brought about by the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), including how IoT is quickly becoming an integral part of how we manage and improve our environmental assets, from water to soil to air…and everything in between.

Limited complimentary virtual seats are available for the “Technology and the Environment – The Future of Sustainability” virtual CEO roundtable – RSVP here.

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