Up Your Social Media Game!

As we do each year, JSA is excited to release our annual top best practices for social media! In the business world, social media marketing continues to reign supreme in terms of telling a company’s story and customer interaction, for starters.  The adoption of social media platforms continues to rise steadily, with an estimated 3.397 billion active social media users worldwide, and each person having an average of 5.54 social accounts, according to Brandwatch. This is an astounding number when you realize that 44% of the world’s population is on social media! Inspired by these huge numbers, businesses, especially those in tech and telecom, are now beginning to understand the importance of social media in marketing.

In 2019, we observe that one of the top social media trends revolves around authenticity and what we can do as business professionals to make these connections even more personal. In fact, according to Epsilon Research, personalized social media engagement is becoming the latest “must-have strategy” for businesses of all sizes. When it comes to social media, users want to be treated as individuals and be able to interact with brands on a personal level. In order to continue improving customer experiences and remain competitive, businesses today are required to undergo a digital transformation. Every business must have a solid social media marketing plan in order to stay on top of where their target market is and what they are now responding to in the digital world.

Explore in our new eBook some of the top 2019 top social media trends, which include:

  • Inspire with Authenticity
  • Leverage User Generated Content
  • Know that AI is Everywhere
  • Enhance the Visual Appeal
  • Build Trust with Transparency

Let JSA help – use this booklet as a handy guide for what your business should be doing in 2019 to maximize your social media potential, and as always, contact us if we can help further in any way for your PR, marketing and/or event planning in 2019 and beyond.

Download: JSA’s Top 7 Best Practices for Telecom Social Media in 2019