In the realm of social media there is an outlier; a mysterious and enigmatic platform that even the savviest of users fail to truly understand. Enter Google+, the want-to-be Facebook that lingers above our Gmail. Believe it or not, Google+ is rising in the ranks and will soon be essential for inclusion in any social media strategy. search-engine-optimization-411106_1280

As a business strategist, SEO is always top of mind and Google+ will deliver. Boasting 90 million users, this up-and-coming platform is having major influence, making it easier for marketers to show up in search results—not hard to believe given its attachment to the world-renowned search engine.

First let’s go over the basics.

About Page:

As noted in the name, the About Page is an excellent opportunity to give a quick overview of your business. Linking to specific pages is not only allowed, but encouraged, shifting more eyeballs to your website and other social media platforms. Keep the copy market-savvy, but also SEO friendly and be sure to include all information you’d want searchers to know about your company. Unlike other platforms (ahem, 140 character limit), Google+ allows for bullet points in your description, allowing for easy-to-read lists that encourage viewership.

Google Events:

A recently added feature, Google+ users are able to send out event invites to anyone, not just G+ users. As most things Google, the invitations sync up with your Google calendar and show up automatically when a user confirms an event. In addition to the typical work function, webinar and panel invites, Google Events allows you to send invites for Google Hangouts (read: video conferencing). The “party mode” feature allows for all attendees to instantly upload photos to the same album, creating a real-time photo journal documenting time and place.


Probably what Google+ is most known for is its “circle” feature. This functionality allows for businesses to segment their followers, allowing for highly segmented and streamlined messaging to each audience.

Claim Ownership of your Content:

Google Authorship is how Google authenticates you as a quality source of content, and is working wonders for bloggers and webmasters alike. Setting up authorship is easy. Simply identify yourself to Google through your Google+ profile and then link back to it for your content and vice versa. This is the best way to take full advantage of SEO benefits, and doing so will allow the blogger to have his/her photo next to the post, automatically increasing the likelihood of click-throughs.

Take advantage of all things SEO with Google+. #Happynetworking, everyone.