NYIIX Peering Exchange is one of the world’s largest neutral internet exchange points situated in East Coast.  Established in 1996 and founded by TELEHOUSE, NYIIX serves with the mission to provide the internet community with a neutral and scalable peering infrastructure, while assuring reliability and stable internet connectivity.

Akio Sugeno, Vice President, Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development for TELEHOUSE

JSA had the pleasure of recently speaking with Akio Sugeno, Vice President, Internet Engineering, Operations and Business Development for TELEHOUSE, to discuss the unique offerings that NYIIX offers its members and our overall telecom community.

JSA: For those in our community who might not already know, please tell us about NYIIX and its membership benefits.

Mr. Sugeno:  NYIIX is an Internet Exchange Point (IXP). At an IXP, the members are ISPs, contents-providers or eyeballs, and they exchange traffic. Exchanging traffic is called “peering.” The benefits of peering are numerous and include cost savings, as peering is typically a free settlement between two parties; and improvement of latency as the target network is adjacent to a company’s network bypassing the transit provider.

JSA: Define the relationship between Extreme Networks and NYIIX.

Mr. Sugeno: TELEHOUSE has partnered with Extreme Networks to upgrade the NYIIX Centillion Platform to Centillion II in order to meet the strong market demands for 100G ports. The Centillion II Platform is 400G-ready and consists of Extreme’s SLX routers for both core routers and edge routers, which significantly increase the number of available 100G ports. The current NYIIX infrastructure is based on Extreme routers.

JSA:  Both companies value community building and have a unique perspective into the industry- can you each discuss industry trends that are impacting our network infrastructure now and/or near-term?

Mr. Sugeno: In the peering market, the demand for 100G has significantly increased. That was the primary reason we decided to upgrade our infrastructure last year. Since the rack space and power is always limited, we were looking for routers that have high 100G port density in a small chassis.

JSA: What are your companies’ respective plans on addressing these trends?

Mr. Sugeno: We purchased new Extreme SLX routers and are in the process of migrating our members to the new infrastructure.

JSA: Looking ahead, what is on the horizon for NYIIX and Extreme Networks in the next 12 months?

Mr. Sugeno: For NYIIX, we are really focusing on promoting NYIIX in the NY/NJ peering market. Extreme helps us to enable the above endeavor.

NYIIX is offered in seven locations in the New York metro area, including 85 Tenth Avenue, 7 Teleport Drive, 60 Hudson Street, 111 8th Avenue and 32 Avenue of Americas.  In New Jersey, NYIIX has two locations: 165 Halsey Street in Newark and 2 Emerson Lane in Secaucus. Learn more at http://www.nyiix.net/.

NYIIX and Extreme Networks are Platinum Sponsors at JSA’s upcoming Telecom Exchange (TEX), taking place June 19-20 in Hoboken. Representatives from both companies will be onsite for in-person meetings.  To apply for TEX registration, click here.