JSA’s New Interactive Video ‘WalkOuts’ Technology Provides Enhanced Engagement, More Effective Lead Generation, and Higher Sales Conversion Rates

We are excited to announce that we will be launching, promoting and recording WalkOuts at International Telecoms Week (ITW) in JSA’s green screen studio, meeting room 519 in the West Tower, Hyatt Regency in Chicago, May 14-17, 2017.

ITWA ‘WalkOut’ is a 3-D like spokesperson that appears to walk out across the screens of targeted recipients’ desktops and mobile devices to showcase telecom products and services, provide interactive price quotes, download information sheets or presentations, play a video within a video and more. The technology can also automatically launch new webpages in the viewers’ browsers, collect information via on-screen forms or surveys, and even provide an on-screen phone to connect with interested prospects in real time – all in the video.  For a preview of the WalkOut demo video that will be playing throughout the ITW main lobby, click here.  To experience an interactive WalkOut with the on-screen phone feature, click here.

“Thanks to the proprietary, disruptive technology of nFüsz, Inc. [OTCQ:FUSZ], our licensing partner, we are able to offer this incredible tool to our telecom and technology clients, to supercharge their sales process and improve their bottom line,” states Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO of JSA. “Our clients are constantly innovating to improve network capacity and content delivery to support this type of next-level communications. It’s exciting to be able to provide this attention-grabbing, innovative technology to help them distribute their news, target their recipients and track and optimize their responses.  It’s a new, ‘outside the box’ marketing strategy our clients have come to expect from JSA.”

For more information, pricing or to book a recording, please visit www.jaymiescotto.com/walkout or email [email protected].  A special introductory ITW rate is currently available.