TEX LA — here we go!
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.29.23 AMIf you haven’t heard from me yet, you will.  If you have heard from me, well… you know that I try to keep the sales pitch fresh.  Luckily, TEX LA sells itself.  As I said earlier this year “I’m not going to sell you a sponsorship;” I am here to present you with an opportunity: The opportunity to be great; to be alongside movers and shakers making communications BETTER; to be alongside decision makers, c-levels and end users powering some of the greatest innovations the world has ever seen.  The people at the event are my biggest example of ROI, showcasing why TEX events are not to be missed.  Ask yourself…

Q: Do you want to speak at an event in front of tech and telecom leaders, further establishing yourself as a thought leader and overall pretty awesome spokesperson for your company?  A: Great, email me.

Q: Are you looking at your sponsorship budget and find yourself wondering where you should spend those dollars to make the most ROI? A: Great, email me.

Q: Are you still celebrating from your successful event at TEX NYC last month? A: Great — let’s keep that momentum going.  Email me.

Q: Do you want to attend the first ever Telecom Hall of Fame? A: Fab, email me.

Q: Do you want to network with tech companies and innovators, SDN folks, carriers, data centers, equipment and more? A: Great, email me.

Q: Are you into Virtual Reality and interested in how it’s shaping the communications infrastructure? A: Awesome, please email me.

Q: Are you into IoT? A: Yes? Be here.

Q: Are you into cyber security? A: Sweet!  The value you will get from this event is pretty awesome.

Q: Are you a tech company in Silicon Valley? A: This event just makes sense.  Email me.

Q: Are you looking to network on a neutral exhibit floor and come away with leads? A: Perfect, TEX events are the place for you.

Q: Do you need more information to show your boss why this event is important? Or are you the boss lady or man? A: For the love of God, email me.

TEX-LA-Logo-350wScreen Shot 2016-07-18 at 4.09.28 PMIt’s time already for TEX LA to start promoting participants.  This is not a sales pitch — it’s a call for participants, a call for the best participants, and a call for companies that care about communications futures. Who’s with me!?!?