In case you are not yet aware, International Telecoms Week (ITW) has moved to a new month and a new city for 2019. ITW is set to take place June 23-26 in Atlanta. As a long time partner of Capacity Media, JSA recently embarked on a private tour of the new event venues and we are keen to share our insights with you in our ITW 2019 blog series. (Check out our first blog here.)

To save you the headache of researching the details on the new venues, here is some ‘insider’ information:

  • The Marriott Marquis and the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta are the host venues, with a full buy-out of both properties by Capacity for the event. The venues provide easy access between each other via either skybridge walkways or a sidewalk (if you want to get some fresh air).
  • Speaking of fresh air…the Hyatt has an outdoor pool for both sponsored receptions and for attendees to enjoy by getting a few laps in before a busy day of meetings. 
  • The keynote and networking receptions will be held at the Hyatt atrium, which is lobby level.  This will be a key area throughout the event — something to keep in mind when making your ITW plans.
  • Both the Hyatt and the Marriott have expanded options to host your meet-ups, including new hybrid meeting area options available at both properties. These hybrid meeting areas are a new variation of the standard bilat table, which is simply a small space and two chairs. These hybrid areas will be set up “lounge style” with various options of seating and table size available.
  • One level down from the lobby at the Hyatt is the ballroom level where many of the event’s highly-anticipated content sessions will take place.
  • This year, the Press Room will be held in a foyer area in the main conference area for easier access, leading to more media meeting opportunities for attendees. 
  • The exhibit hall will be located two levels down from the lobby level at the Hyatt and as an added bonus for 2019, exhibiting companies can expect some cost savings this year with the new exhibit company contracted for the event, Shepard.
  • For all of the ITW veterans, finding an open seat for a casual meeting or cup of coffee has always been a challenge, but with the new venues that will no longer be a problem. Both the Hyatt and the Marriott have various restaurants and coffee shops that can be used for meetings if you don’t want to pay for a dedicated space to host meetings.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs in our ITW 2019 Blog Series where we give you insight on the local area as well as info on how JSA can best assist with all of your ITW needs and make the transition to the new city as painless and worry-free as possible.

Feel free to call or email JSA if you have questions-  big or small. Simply email [email protected] to set up a brainstorming call.