DE-CIX logoDE-CIX has announced that it will open a new Internet exchange in Istanbul, Turkey. The exchange will provide a neutral interconnection and peering point for ISPs from Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus region and the Middle East. This announcement marks the third exchange that DE-CIX is building on the Mediterranean, having announced new exchanges in Palermo, Italy and Marseille, France earlier this year.

Not only has Turkey’s economy experienced steady growth for over a decade, but its Internet user population is climbing by 25% each year. The infrastructure currently in place, as well as new systems being built, have landing points in Istanbul and provide access to Middle Eastern markets. The new systems being added to the region’s infrastructure ecosystem include AMEER (Alternative Middle East European Route), GBI North, JADI (Jeddah-Amman-Damascus-Istanbul) and RCN (Regional Cable Network). DE-CIX’s new exchange will bring peering to the region, which will allow for more direct routes for low latency traffic.Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 9.29.14 AM

“Istanbul is already a hub for finance, logistics and transport. Like we’ve experienced in Frankfurt, Internet infrastructure follows these developments,” confirms Harald A. Summa, DE-CIX CEO. “The need has grown tremendously to interconnect the critical traffic streams that travel from other regions through Istanbul and bring them closer to their destinations. Content, cloud, gaming and other providers will meet the eyeball networks halfway at this new exchange.”

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