Powered by Peak®, iQ Solutions Group (iQSG) launches a new cloud computing services platform, iQ Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). By white-labeling Peak’s cloud infrastructure, iQSG’s new offering features a vast array of cloud-based services, providing disaster recovery, data protection and production workload management. As a NetApp Gold partner, iQSG can now replicate client applications into Peak’s cloud, enabling operational efficiencies. 

With iQSG’s new product launch, they are driving increased capabilities to their customer base including the ability to leverage a 100% NetApp-based cloud solution, which is an ideal complement to their existing NetApp reseller business. This allows iQSG to resell NetApp anywhere!

“Powering our cloud platform with Peak complements what we have been doing on a per- project basis and allows us to provide robust business continuity strategies for our clients,” comments Tom Richardson, Principal at iQ Solutions Group. “Instead of our customers investing in capital resources of their own, they now have the opportunity to subscribe resources from us.”

“Innovative companies like iQSG, recognize how important it is to formulate a powerful go-to-market cloud strategy,” states John Drake, VP of Channel Development for Peak. “Ensuring it has the pulse of its clients’ goals and a deep understanding of their IT requirements; iQSG can bring best-in-breed capabilities to its enterprise clients with minimal investment.”

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