“Failure to plan ahead will no doubt prove costly when it comes to the IPv4 address shortage.”

According to BRG’s Chairman and Principal Executive Officer, David J. Teece, navigating the dynamic business environments such as IPv4 address procurement and IPv6 migration requires a combination of industry and technical expertise.

A provider of intellectual property and technology asset valuation services, Berkeley Research Group, LLC (BRG), has extended its services to include strategic consulting on IPv4 address procurement and IPv6 migration.  BRG’s IPv4 procurement services are designed to provide IPv6 migration safeguards, including the ability to confidentially secure supplies of IPv4 addresses that are critical to a seamless transition to the new IP protocol. BRG offers a comprehensive understanding of the impending global IPv4 address shortage and the strains this will put on the Internet services environment over the coming months.

“Failure to plan ahead will no doubt prove costly when it comes to the IPv4 addressshortage,” stated BRG Director Gregory Nachtwey. “Telecom and cloud CEOs should be concerned about how critically important something as historically insignificant as IP addresses will become when none are left. Having a strategic plan and reliable partner to help avoid the potentially crippling effects of the shortage is imperative.”

BRG’s expertise in valuation, intellectual property, public policy, and finance, combined with unparalleled industry insight, provides clients with the tools they need to both acquire and monetize these unique intellectual property assets.

BRG recently advised on one of the largest acquisitions of IPv4 addresses to date.

For more information about BRG’s IPv4/v6 services visit BRG’s website or contact a BRG IPv4 strategy expert.