stock-exchange-911608_1280In the financial industry, there is nothing more important than the speed in which a transaction can be made. There’s an exorbitant amount of money at stake, so it’s absolutely crucial that financial trading firms have access to the lowest latency infrastructure available.

Over the years, Hibernia Networks has proven that it is committed to providing services via such infrastructure and is once again in the news for delivering ultra low latency services for a key customer.

This morning, Hibernia Networks announced that IPC, a leading financial markets technology and service provider, selected its Ultra Low Latency (ULL) service from Chicago to Tokyo. The service on this route features network latency performance of 121.90 milliseconds from CME in Chicago to JPS in Tokyo, providing IPC customers with the reliable, high performance connectivity they require to execute split-second financial trades at a global level.

ipc-logoWith the unmatched latency and flexibility afforded by Hibernia Networks’ ULL route, IPC is empowered with the network performance it needs to meet the dynamic requirements of its customers and the fast-moving global financial market ecosystem. Hibernia Networks’ ULL service provides IPC’s customers requisite network infrastructure that enables real-time access to critical market information on the Chicago-Tokyo route, which is growing in terms of trading activity.

This announcement comes on the heels of a recent service expansion into other growing global financial centers in Dubai, Moscow and Mumbai and furthers Hibernia Networks’ reputation as a leading infrastructure and service provider trusted by the global financial industry.

Click here to read the official Hibernia Networks press release.