MRV Communications welcomes a new compact optical transport solution to the family today –the OD-4-DCI! The new platform is designed for the data center interconnect (DCI) market and will join the OptiDriver® suite of WDM metro transport solutions. The addition of the OD-4-DCI enables modular ultra-high density DCI in a compact 1RU form factor, with stackable management that offers higher bandwidth point-to-point connections between data centers.

In a world where the only constant is change, flexibility is valuable, especially when considering the ever-changing need for bandwidth. Enabling cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow bandwidth capacity expansion, the OptiDriver line cards that are supported by OD-4-DCI chassis singularly use pluggable optics. What do these pluggable optics provide data center operators? The need to only invest CapEx as needed, so they can adopt the most current optical innovations, today and into the future.pexels-photo-325229

And did you know that according to Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst from ACG Research, the Optical DCI market remains as one of the strongest in optical networking? It’s no wonder that service providers search for more diverse DCI deployment options. And with the OD-4-DCI addition, service providers receive more flexibility than ever before, all while enabling pay-as-you-go deployment models.

“The OD-4 DCI meets the specific business, financial and operating requirements of data center operators as well as those of service providers. By designing the OD-4 DCI as an open and flexible system that can leverage widely available and increasingly competitively priced pluggable optics, the OD-4 DCI offers a highly cost effective and scalable approach for our customers when compared with other systems based on a closed or fixed design,” commented Adam Scheer, Chief Operating Officer for MRV. “Additionally, we have designed the OD-4-DCI to meet data center operators’ expectations for efficient power consumption enabling our customers to realize a very low cost of ownership for this platform.”

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