Precision OT LogoOptical networks are becoming increasingly complicated, and telecom companies are searching for cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to push their networks into the future. Today, Precision OT, a leading provider of optical transceivers and related active/passive optical components, announced its solution for easing the complexity of monitoring and configuring networks – Lightseer.

Lightseer is an innovative, machine learning-powered software that can provide network administrators with real-time data all the way down to transceivers and individual optical links. In fact, it’s the first software of its kind to do so.

For network operators and administrators, the benefits of adopting Precision OT’s product will be significant:

  • First, while most software companies focus on higher layers of a network and on specific applications for their own networks and equipment, Lightseer can be used by anyone in the global telecom sector to pull analytical data from the optical level.
  • Second, the software can help companies avoid vendor lock by streamlining optical network monitoring across white boxes and legacy devices. Within the telecom industry, organizations of all sizes are increasingly employing white boxes to reduce dependence on legacy equipment. However, white boxes, while flexible and cost-effective, can further complicate optical network analysis. Lightseer directly addresses this growing challenge.

“At Precision OT, we believe software-defined networks and white box technologies will aid in the operability of 5G networks, Metro Ethernet, Hybrid Fiber-Coax networks and more. By covering all aspects of real-time optical monitoring and being compatible with a wide variety of white box networking equipment, Lightseer meets the demand to ease logistical complexity and improve network intelligence. As today’s telecom companies prepare their software-defined networks for IoT and AI applications, we’re filling the gap for custom solutions that can improve the intelligence and agility of optical networks.” – Todd Davis, CEO of Precision OT

Lightseer LogoKey features of Precision OT’s proprietary application include:

  • Real-time optical monitoring showing the state and integrity of the optical network (ability to view from high level down to individual optical links)
  • Wavelength density monitoring for CWDM/DWDM networks
  • Compatible throughout a large variety of white box networking equipment and off-the-shelf SDN controllers
  • Integration with legacy networking equipment
  • Live management and configuration of optics deployed in the software-defined network (inventory, tuning, etc.)
  • Machine learning for predictive analytics to forecast optical failures and anomalies before they cause network downtime

The Precision OT team will be onsite and performing demos of Lightseer at booth #707 during Cable-Tec Expo 2018, taking place Oct. 22-25 in Atlanta. To schedule a meeting with the team, email [email protected].

As well, to learn more about Precision OT and how it’s reimagining SDN, visit the company’s website at, and follow Precision OT on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.