IntegraOpticsIt has been a busy week for Integra Optics – yesterday the team hosted the 2016 Network Architecture Summit in Atlanta and today they officially announce the launch of their new hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) product line.

With this announcement, Integra Optics emerges as an alternative supplier of HFC equipment in a market where HFC products are mostly sourced by larger, less agile suppliers, who often send customers to distributing partners rather than providing them with direct service.

Integra Optics designs, manufactures and distributes all the HFC equipment, which includes transmitters, EDFAs and return path receivers that are available in individual, rack-mounted form factors or in high-density chassis for mass deployment of HFC services. All products are high-quality, low-noise, DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 compatible devices that provide clear, reliable and error-free transport for video, data and voice services. In addition, the new products easily drop-in to an existing network architecture, reduce rack space and power consumption, resulting in significant cost savings.

Bolstered by Integra’s new R&D business unit, the product suite also includes a unique Quad Return Technology providing sub-octave RF (SR) four or two channel return solutions designed to support the demand of HSD and DOCSIS3.1. This drop-in solution to existing HFC nodes dramatically increases the analog return bandwidth to 1G on a single fiber using current RF return channels, supporting 42 MHz, 65 MHz, 85 MHz and 250 MHz spectrum modulated at 256 QAM with support up to 4096-QAM.

“The Integra Optics engineering team works one-on-one with customers to identifyScreen shot 2016-05-26 at 4.02.54 PM the HFC products that best fit their needs and provides ongoing support to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly,” states David Prescott, Chief Executive and Technology Officer of Integra Optics. “This product suite is equivalent or better than what customers are already buying with the added benefit of our responsive sales support and commitment to maintaining inventory. As with all Integra Optics products, the company’s internal logistics department makes sure that HFC orders are processed and shipped at the fastest rate in the industry. Unlike larger suppliers, we are highly-focused on providing very responsive customer service and a flexible HFC product to meet our customers’ unique needs.”

For detailed information on Integra Optics’ HFC product line, visit or contact their sales department at 877-402-3850.

Want to hear more from Integra Optics’ CEO, David Prescott? Meet him at Telecom Exchange and watch him live on the “Fiber as an Investment – Addressing North America’s Fiber Deficiency” CEO Roundtable June 22 at 11:20 AM. David will join Robert Powell of Telecom Ramblings; Jonathan Martone of CenturyLink; Erick Contag of GlobeNet; Al DiGabriele of Hibernia Networks; and Rob Barlow of WireIE. This panel discussion will feature an expert look at fiber penetration in the U.S. and Canada, the worthiness of investing in fiber deployments, and determine if we are indeed moving fast enough, or if a stronger, more unified North American plan for fiber is needed.

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