The SphereWith the threat of telecom fraud on the rise, carriers everywhere are investigating ways to protect revenues. The Sphere offers an innovative way for carriers, operators and their partners to address common challenges that telecoms experience. The Sphere has leveraged its world-class technical, engineering and business expertise to develop a solution powered by blockchain and machine learning that is making a real impact for the telecoms sector. The Sphere was recently featured in Capacity Magazine’s Africa issue here and North American issue here. Click the links to check out the full articles, and keep reading for a quick preview.

How Does It Work?

Through a single interconnection, The Sphere enables live detection, alerting and active prevention of fraudulent and abusive call traffic at call setup time. The Sphere uniquely combines blockchain technology, globally distributed network architecture and an intelligent fraud management system to facilitate unlimited, multi-party chain trading, routing and financial settlements, all in real time. The solution enables carriers of all sizes to maintain the integrity of their transactions by precisely tracking them in order to detect and prevent fraudulent actions or misuse of data. The Sphere also solves concerns around the lack of financial assurance capabilities. Its patented blockchain routing and financial reconciliation technology ensures real-time billing reconciliation, financial settlement and on-demand payment disbursements.

Trade With Security & Flexibility

In addition, The Sphere is solving decades old carrier challenges by leveraging new technologies like blockchain and AI – truly transforming the telecom sector. For telecom carriers, blockchain is an exciting solution that brings precision, optimization and consolidation to areas like business processes, network routing, financial reconciliation and the prevention of fraud and discrepancy — ultimately resulting in huge efficiencies and dramatic cost savings. It provides a level of security in digital transactions that is unprecedented, finally rendering data irrefutable and fully verifiable. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also starting to trickle into the telecom space, as industry players realize the incredible value of its abilities to automate more efficient processes.

At the heart of The Sphere is a live exchange and trading platform — a carrier neutral commercial and network meeting point. This allows operators, carriers and wholesalers the freedom to instantly offer, purchase, resell, publish and match targets, as well as issue and bid on live services.

The Sphere’s intelligent network system streamlines edge-to-edge routing, regionally and across the globe. It also minimizes quality deterioration, reduces transfer latency and optimizes overall performances.

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