MRV-MediumLifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) has progressed by leaps and bounds this year. And MRV Communications ™, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVC) (“MRV®”), a global provider of innovative packet and optical solutions, is keeping pace.

The company today announced the availability of Pro-Vision 3.2.1 which enables the complete provisioning, management, troubleshooting and reporting of packet and optical services.  Lifecycle orchestration of MEF CE2.0 and Optical Transport services is streamlined and automated with intuitive GUI-based screens that speed up service creation, monitoring and troubleshooting.  Pro-Vision combined with MRV’s OptiDriver®, OptiPacket®, and OptiSwitch® product lines, which also offer ROADMs and 100G interfaces, enables complete control of optical transport and packet services for innovative, next-generation access networks and services.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.29.29 AM“This release of Pro-Vision adds optical service lifecycle orchestration for WDM services including automated path computation with impairment awareness, real-time and historical service monitoring, thresholds and alerts for numerous service characteristics, as well as troubleshooting capabilities that include service-level activation testing as well as alarming with root cause analysis,” said Adam Scheer, Senior Vice President of Product Line Management and Corporate Development. “These optical features are in addition to the complete array of MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 packet service orchestration capabilities for which Pro-Vision is already widely deployed.”

“It has become quite apparent during the last year that Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) progress will be critical to deploy dynamic services with the automation that carriers clearly want,” stated Michael Howard, Senior Research Director for IHS Technology. “And the reality is that LSO has only just started. Carriers tell us that their customers are asking for dynamic Ethernet services and bandwidth on demand, yet these offerings are a small but growing part of the Ethernet services market. The automation inherent in LSO for the packet and optical layers can significantly reduce time-to-service delivery and minimizes the human resources required to manage networks, thereby reducing operational costs.”

Pro-Vision addresses the phases of LSO from planning through activation and monitoring, including maintenance and troubleshooting. As conveyed by Michael Howard, the reduction of time to service delivery and minimizing of required resources are important requirements for delivering quality assured dynamic and flexible Optical Transport as well as MEF compliant CE 2.0 services that are a rapidly growing portion of service providers’ revenues.