I’m not selling you a sponsorship.  In fact, I very much prefer that you don’t consider me a sales person.  I am not a sales person.  I am a PR and Marketing professional with years of experience in telecom and technology.  I want you to consider me your concierge at Telecom Exchange.  Because if you sponsor, (and you really should) then I will be available to make sure that those dollars you set aside for the event are pushed to the very edge.  I want you to get your absolute bang for the buck and here’s how I propose I do that.

First, take a look at the list of available sponsorships that remain (for now -we are coming up with new sponsorships every day.)

Second, you tell me, “Meghan, I want to make a big impression at Telecom Exchange.” I respond, “Great, because I have some cool sponsorships in mind! I know your company, I know the media. I will help you set up the meetings, ensuring that sure your press release is in the right hands at the event.  I also know the other companies you want to meet at the event. So, let me brainstorm what will work best and get you the best price for it.”

12279176_10156275239950181_7586417625356175368_nThird, I become your concierge for the event.  I will be working for you more than just the actual day of, week before, month before Telecom Exchange.  I want to push awareness that you are involved with this event well before June 22nd.  I will make sure JSA includes you in our emails, our TNN blog, our social, and our press releases leading up to the event. My goal is to make sure that you feel the love.

It’s time to decide where your event dollars are going.  I am here to help. So, I am not selling you a sponsorship. I am selling you an experience; I am selling you the chance to be a TEX insider; I am selling you an opportunity.

Why sponsor?

  • Enhance credibility – your logo will be in all of our event branding 
  • This is highly targeted marketing – your leads are here; leverage this experience 
  • Media exposure – the media are here, I know them.  So, let me introduce you
  • Event involvement – imagine you are the after party sponsor…. that’s a fun place to be when you are toasting to the community wish to meet


Call me, email me, send me a carrier pigeon, just get in touch and I become your concierge to TEX 2016!

#TEXcited??  I am.

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