iiGroupTelecom C-Levels and professionals now have a high-quality, experienced recruitment and placement firm to help them in their career moves. ii Group, Inc. just announced its launch today at International Telecoms Week. The company is focused on matching executive vacancies with the right telecom professionals utilizing innovative app software that will aid both recruiters and recruits in their searches. All to ensure a seamless and quick way to navigate telecom hiring.

“We are excited to break new ground today here at ITW, by providing a new way to promote and process the right candidate for the right role,” states Fergus Innes, Chief Executive Officer of ii Group.  “Unlike any other recruitment firm catering to our industry, ii provides a full circle approach with its service portfolio, including executive placements, pre-employment screening, speaking placements and asset consultancy.”

Conducting in-depth interviews, the ii Group team leverages over 85+ years in the telecom industry, along with in-depth assessment capabilities evaluations and interviews in their candidate qualification ii Groupprocess. All to ensure the right match-ups occur for recruiting, screening, promotion and placement. Stay tuned for more ii Group news! For more information, please visit www.ii-group.net and follow ii Group on Twitter and LinkedIn.