Ireland-France Subsea Cable Limited (“IFSC”) is building an ultra-high capacity 565 km cable connecting Dublin to Paris. Designed to meet growing demands of carriers, ISPs and enterprises that require state-of-the-art connectivity to Europe, IFC-1 is scheduled for completion 2Q 2019. Making telecom history, IFC-1 is the first direct subsea cable to connect Ireland to France.

To further business development efforts of the IFC-1 project, the company just announced the appointment of industry veteran, Fergus Innes, as Managing Director. Mr. Innes, previously with Ireland France Subsea Cable Hibernia Networks, was highly successful in revenue generation efforts as well as building the Hibernia brand. “We are excited to recruit a talented individual with such directly-relevant experience,” states Mike Cunningham, Chairman of Ireland-France Subsea Cable.“

“Over the years, I have come to know and respect the team behind the Ireland-France project and I am now delighted to join them in this crucial period to bring this integral network to completion,” states Innes. “It is readily apparent to me that there is pent-up customer demand for high capacity, geographically diverse bandwidth solutions which directly connect Ireland’s data centres to continental Europe and points beyond.”

The IFC-1 cable consists of six-fiber pairs with a theoretical capacity of in excess of 280 terabits. Stay tuned for further developments on this exciting project.

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