Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean, Florida and up through the southeast over the last few days. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed, communities were flooded and trees were uprooted all through the region. Its full effects are yet to be completely known. One thing that is certain is that power outages are widespread. Residences and companies in the affected areas may be without power for weeks to come.

One company that is helping carriers and service providers deal with these issues is New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX). Operating the first and only colocation campus to sit at a US cable landing station, NJFX is working with major carriers to expedite circuits that support a big telecom hub in Florida. NJFX’s secure facility is 64 feet above sea level, making it impervious to tidal surge and ideal for disaster recovery. This 64,800-square foot purpose-built data center offers direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems that interconnect North America, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

“The way we communicate worldwide is through the Miami, Puerto Rico and New York City gateways,” states Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX. “If Miami went down, the only way to communicate to Europe and South America is through Puerto Rico. We are in contact right now with major carriers that supply connectivity to large, international companies and are looking to keep networks up and running. They are confidently turning to NJFX and rest assured that their needs will be met.”

Santaliz adds, “If New York’s telecom infrastructure is impacted either through natural or other disasters, then major carriers and telecoms will be adversely affected. Because NJFX has an optimal location in New Jersey, which bypasses legacy chokepoints and the congested NYC routes, we play a major a role in making networks work. NJFX offers a critical solution for multinational businesses and carriers in the U.S.”

NJFX offers Tier 3, carrier neutral data center capabilities and through its more than 10 carriers and service provider partners, NJFX clients have direct access to any carrier’s suite of services in the NJFX ecosystem, without incurring cross-connect fees.

To schedule a tour of the NJFX campus email: [email protected] or call (732) 978 4100.

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