Originally posted on September 6, 2011 at: http://www.fibermedia.net/2011/09/06/hurricane-irene-a-lesson-on-disaster-recovery-and-business-continuity/

When it comes to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, there are so many lessons we can learn from Hurricane Irene.  Though the East Coast of the US seemingly lucked out that it was only a Category 1 storm, its strength and veracity knocked out power in more than 4.5 million homes and businesses from the Carolina’s to Maine.  With this enormous and widespread damage, businesses should pay heed and put in place a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.  But just planning isn’t going to be enough – as I’m sure many of the companies affected by the floods and power outages quickly found out.  The challenge is finding the right partner that is experienced in recovering businesses – many businesses.

FiberMedia Group realizes that it’s not often disaster strikes just one business at any given time.  When Mother Nature strikes, she is not selective – she can be enormously destructive.  One of FiberMedia’s Disaster Recovery partners is Agility Recovery.  Why?  It is serious about recovery.  The company has proven its ability to respond quickly and efficiently and it is prepared to support its customers when they need it, wherever they need it.

Just last week, Agility responded to over 650 Disasters and Alerts.  Their customers such as banks, insurance companies, universities and more rely on Agility to help them through such a calamitous event.  Bob Boyd, CEO of Agility Recovery put this event in great light, “Many of our members in the Northeast have never gone through an event like Irene so much of the preparation and implementation is brand new for them. We make it a priority to walk our members through their business continuity plan, prepare for what’s to come, and recover their business in any way they need us to.”  It is this level of respect and understanding that FiberMedia provides to its customers as well.

In any situation, businesses that rely on technology must plan for the worst, hope for the best and ensure they have selected the right service provider to help them through any situation – large or small.  It’s never too late to plan for the next event – and remember it’s not if it happens, it’s when it happens.  FiberMedia can help you put the right plan in place – not just for your business but for your people and your communications.  Contact FiberMedia today to find out how its Managed Data Center-as-a-Service solutions can help your business implement a comprehensive plan that takes into account Infrastructure, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for your people, your offices and your data.