Edward Henigin, CTO of Data Foundry has teamed up with DataCenterDynamics to produce a three-part series that provides important information to consider when selecting a chiller. You will always need to fully understand your options to make the best selection for your specific configuration.

In part one, you will learn what the most important areas are to consider when choosing a chiller system. You will encounter many decision points and will typically live with those decisions for decades – as these high-end systems last for years. In part two, Data Foundry will show you how to use the performance charts to estimate the cost of energy to operate your chiller, thus allowing you to compare one chiller to another. The last part of the series explores the other meaningful factors to look at when making your chiller selection such as local support capabilities, operating sound level and restart time.

Whether it is efficiency, local support, operating sound level or restart time, you will need to determine for yourself which options are most important from the discussed considerations when making your decision. To download the articles and customizable spreadsheets for the entire chiller selection series, click here.

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About the author:
Edward Henigin serves as CTO of Data Foundry and is also one of the company’s shareholders. He has a physics degree from the University of Texas