FirstLight Fiber announced today that hopTo, a mobile workspace application that addresses the challenges of transporting applications to mobile devices, has chosen them to provide the communications network required to deliver a richer userScreen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.20.18 AM interface and development environment. hopTo, based in Campbell, CA, opted for data center services and high speed Internet connectivity. With these services, hopTo will continue to offer a secure and flexible mobile workspace, transforming and
“mobilizing” existing Windows applications. Additionally, these services help the company deliver an unparalleled user experience without compromising enterprise security.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.23.02 AM“Our Manchester NH facility is ideally situated for hopTo, whose IT team is based in Concord, New Hampshire. It is close enough to drive to, but far enough away to avoid localized issues,” stated Patrick Coughlin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FirstLight Fiber. “In true FirstLight fashion, we had hopTo’s space and connectivity constructed ahead of scheduled due dates, which allowed the hopTo team to meet their intervals and begin serving their end user clients. As future connectivity and network needs arise, FirstLight will be there to provide the reliable services hopTo seeks.”

“We have developers, Quality Assurance and Sales team members working out of our east and west coast offices, as well as other points throughout the US and Europe. Phone servers, development environment and build systems, corporate and customer FTP sites, public and private demos, remote backup servers and storage, and a QA testing environment all rely on the advanced fiber infrastructure and data center services that FirstLight provides,” commented Michael Humphreys, Systems Administrator for hopTo. “Two of our primary needs were a solid, high speed Internet connection and a resilient core backbone; FirstLight delivered on both.”

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