NYI_Logo_smNYI today announced that it is sponsoring a specialized virtual testing area for experimentation and contributions to a variety of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) foundation projects. The testing area will be located in NYI’s Bridgewater, NJ data center and allows for experimentation and contributions to multiple OWASP foundation projects, which enhance the visibility for software security and the risks organizations face when utilizing software.

NYI has long been a supporter of the collaborative tech community and as such was a natural fit to the NY/NJ OWASP chapter. The OWASP-NYC chapter has hosted numerous events at NYI’s top tier facilities and quickly reali13334048894_001d3e53d1zed that NYI would be able to provide the ideal environment for the application developers, software architects and information security authors that are responsible for OWASP’s projects. The work done in this innovative work site will not only benefit the local OWASP members, but will serve the greater OWASP global membership through the advancement of the safety and security of the world’s software.

“Open source work is important and a necessary component of the security market where unbiased, practical and cost-effective information can be shared without commercial influence,” states Tom Brennen NYC OWASP Chapter President and Founder of ProactiveRISK. “NYI understands this. They are a partner that actually respects and cares about our mission. Trust and transparency is at the core of our everyday efforts. We must be able to rely on those that we choose to work with as much as our community depends on the research we provide. Based upon the proven service-oriented reputation of NYI, I am confident in our choice to work with them.”

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