Ireland scores big by global research company, 451 Research!

Today, a live stream, powered by Hibernia Networks, will showcase a panel of experts who will explain detailed aspects of 451’s recent report about Ireland and Hosting Digital Assets.

Please join the call at 16:30 GMT / 11:30 am Eastern to hear more about the 9 critical factors Hibernia's Network in Irelandcompanies use when selecting a geographic location for hosting digital assets.  Ireland was rated high by 58 subject-matter research analysts as a highly attractive location. This report provides an objective assessment of the attractiveness of Ireland as a hosting destination for digital assets – including data, media, databases, applications and infrastructure services.

The factors on the analyst scorecard include:

  •    – International Connectivity
  •    – Economic Conditions
  •    – Energy (Renewable)
  •    – Government Support System
  •    – Workforce
  •    – Demonstratable track record
  •    – Legal Frameworks
  •    – Existing Cloud and Big Data Ecosystem

Hibernia Networks has been recognized for its promotion of partnerships between North America and Ireland through its fiber optic cable build development, entitled “Project Kelvin.”   This subsea and terrestrial cable contract was awarded by the European Union in 2009, and brought direct international connectivity into the northwest region of Ireland. Hibernia also built a fiber-rich fiber ring into 12 cities in Northern Ireland and connected them via a new submarine link to North America and Europe.

Hibernia is the only extensive submarine and terrestrial cable deployment that directly connects the Island of Ireland to North America.

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